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  • Fully Insured
  • Affordable and Competitive Rates
  • Professional and Experienced Team
  • Stress-free and Efficient Moving Process
  • Extensive Coverage in Croydon and Surrounding Areas
  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

PLANNING A HOUSE MOVE IN CROYDON? Our trusted man and van service ensures a smooth and stress-free relocation experience. Whether you're staying in Croydon or moving elsewhere, our professional team offers affordable and top-quality services, including man and van hire Croydon and removal van Croydon. Discover how we can make your house move a breeze!


  • Moving services for single items and full households
  • Relocation services for domestic and European moves
  • Comprehensive packing and unpacking assistance
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly provided
  • Local and nationwide coverage
  • Video and on-site surveys available for large moves
  • Disposal service on request offered.


ANQ Movers: Your Trusted Partners in Relocation and Moving in Croydon

At ANQ Movers, we are dedicated to reducing the amount of stress that people usually experience when moving to a new place. Being the best option in the city for a hassle-free and seamless move, we are the top man and van in Croydon service provider and the happy winners of the 2023 SME UK Transport Awards.

Celebrating New Beginnings and Stress-Free Moves in Croydon

“Life is like the river. Sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.”

Ever heard of these lines before? In fact, a variety of emotions make up our lives rather than being characterised by a single emotion. Moreover, our lives don't allow us to be in one spot all the time; instead, they take us to various places, introduce new people, and make us learn valuable lessons for various reasons. Accepting these changes and fully savouring them is the only strategy that brings us peace.

We are frequently faced with circumstances in life that necessitate relocation. These events are worth celebrating, whether it's the thrill of moving to a new city, getting a promotion, or purchasing a new home. Of course, it is time to call your friends over and throw a party.

But hold on a moment - what about the daunting prospect of moving to that new city? Moving can be quite a stressful endeavour, can't it?

Ease Your Worries with Our Expertise

If you're currently in Croydon or planning a move to Croydon, the overwhelming part of this transition often revolves around the chaos and challenges of relocating your entire household. There's no need to worry if you find yourself thinking about this issue and feeling anxious. Simply choose us and see the magic!

Why Should You Choose Us?

For-profit reasons, a lot of moving companies usually turn down small-scale moves with just one or two items. But our methodology is different. Whether you need help moving a single item or a larger quantity of belongings, our man with a van in Croydon service is dedicated to helping you.

Choosing our services also has the added benefit that we offer more than just moving services. We provide help with packing, unpacking, and assembling and disassembling furniture, which can be a very helpful option for people who might find moving stressful when done alone, like seniors or single parents.

To satisfy our client's needs, we adjust our services accordingly and provide a degree of customisation. You can't expect this kind of individualised attention everywhere.

There's no reason to worry about a local or international relocation. As one of the top relocation services in Croydon, we provide comprehensive support, handling your relocation and ensuring compliance with local moving regulations. It gives you more personal time to move forward with the assurance that we will handle all the details, freeing you up to focus on the exciting experiences your new home has in store.

Furthermore, if you have any damaged or unwanted furniture you'd rather not take to your new home, please inform us. We can efficiently manage the disposal of these items. Our commitment is to deliver 100% value for the money you invest with us.

Expect The Best Charge In The Country

Many of us hesitate to choose movers because we worry about the rates they might impose. Movers in some regions of the nation take advantage of people's needs. Specifically, they charge high prices when there is an urgency. But we go in a different direction. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we put a lot of effort into offering top-notch service. With prices starting at just 25 Euros, we offer the lowest prices in the entire nation.

Sometimes, a group of two or three people is needed to help move. We provide specialised services in these circumstances to meet your specific requirements. We can also offer advice and help in making the best decision if you're unclear about the staffing needs for your move.

We are The One Destination For All Your Needs

With our excellent services, we can handle various needs - office, big house, or small home removal. Generally, you would have to search for several service providers to fulfil your moving needs for different locations. But in our case, we offer a one-stop solution that can handle different locations.

In addition to assembling and disassembling furniture, we also know how to mount and unmount electronic equipment on walls and other machinery. Furthermore, our comprehensive insurance coverage provides you with peace of mind, particularly when transporting valuable or delicate items, eliminating the worry about their safe arrival at the destination.

Our professionals are highly experienced and handle everything with care. In fact, the utilisation of our insurance coverage is rarely necessary, underlining our dedication to safeguarding your belongings.

ANQ Movers: The Masters In The Field With 8+ Years Of Experience

Since we embarked on our mission to assist people in the UK back in 2015, we've accumulated over eight years of valuable experience in managing a multitude of moving, packing, and assembly projects. These experiences have shaped us into recognised experts and leaders in our industry. We've perfected our capacity to manage every distinct scenario, knowing the particular attention that each piece of furniture and circumstance requires.

You won't need to invest hours searching online for packing tips or secure furniture transport methods. When it comes to moving to a new location, we possess extensive knowledge and can provide you with prompt assistance.

We Cover A Big Network

We can take care of your relocation and moving needs in nearly all areas, including Enfield, Bromley, Romford, Harrow, South, East, North, or West London. Our objective is to provide you with the most comfortable and reasonably priced moving options in the market.

Thus, there's no reason to hesitate if you think about moving to Croydon and need the most amiable and professional man and van in South Croydon service. ANQ Movers, boasting a high level of customer satisfaction in this region, is the perfect choice for you.

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  • Starting from 1 Man & Van P/H : £25
  • Starting from 2 Men & Van P/H : £40
  • Starting from 3 Men & Van P/H :£65
  • Daily rate for man with van : £180
  • Daily rate for 2 men with a van: £280
  • Daily rate for 3 men with a van: £350

Disclaimer : The rates provided are for reference purposes only. The final rates may vary depending on the size of the van and your specific moving requirements.

Man with A Van Croydon

Trustpilot Review - AnQ Movers

REPUTATION MATTERS:With an outstanding track record, Over 500 customers have rated us excellent on all review platforms.

Christine S

Good price and brilliant guys !!! Well recommend them!! Jason was so good and patience with me after our original movers cancelled on us last minute. He even gave us a better quote than them. The 3 guys that came were really lovely and very hard working. They just organised everything, moved it all and were on it all day. Would definitely recommend them !!!

REPUTATION MATTERS:With an outstanding track record, Over 500 customers have rated us excellent on all review platforms.


Highly recommended! Good communication from Sebi and Neil all the way through. Movers Kalid and Ali worked really hard and did an amazing job on the day. Just bear in mind that some pieces of furniture may need to be dismantled so agree that in advance. Highly recommended company ! Thank you!

REPUTATION MATTERS:With an outstanding track record, Over 500 customers have rated us excellent on all review platforms.

Denisse Torres

Amazing work and help for us - Amazing work and help for us. Starting from Justin who helped to organise the moving, the was really easy and rapid communication. Also the guys who made easy the big day, Ali and Kalid who did everything to help. Highly recommended!

REPUTATION MATTERS:With an outstanding track record, Over 500 customers have rated us excellent on all review platforms.

Darius Vasco Koster

AnQ movers provide a very professional and polite service. The entire process starting with the quotation, answering questions, booking the date of the move and the move itself went very smoothly. the movers were super nice, helpful and efficient and did a great job. my move was from London centre to Watford.

Anq Movers 2023 winners SME UK Transport Awards